A flying orange tells its tale

A fable for children and everyone else

The Flying Orange travels around the world, observes how human beings behave, and listens to stories of quarrels and unfriendliness. Even when they are doing something so simple as sharing an orange. But some humans are more capable of doing it, and the smartest among them have many and good solutions to the problem. Learn from them and be wiser than many politicians. This is the tale of the Flying Orange, as retold by Johan Galtung, and illustrated by Andreas Galtung. A tale to learn from, whether you are small or big, and particularly suitable for children to read for their parents st bedtime, so they can have better dreams. Johan Galtung, born 1930 in Oslo, is conflict mediator around the world, professor of peace studies, and founder of TRANSCEND: A Network for Peace and Development. He has published more than a hundred books. His autobiography in Norwegian got one of the highest Norwegian literary awards, the Brage Prize. Galtung lives in France, Spain, the USA and Japan (Kyoto). Visit www.transcend.org Andreas Galtung, born 1958, is an attorney at law in Oslo and a son of Johan Galtung. He was a researcher at the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, University of Oslo and has written and edited a number of books in the field of Media- and IT Law. He has also illustrated another book for children, Onkel (Uncle), and published a novel, Professorene (The Professores). Visit www.galtung.com

  • ISBN: 9788230003442
  • Utgivelsesår: 2007
  • Språk: Danish, English
  • Format: Innbundet
  • Emne(r): Skjønnlitteratur for barn og ungdom og sanne historier
  • Aldersgruppe: 9-12
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