9 brikkevevde bånd / tablet woven bands

For Viking Age re-enacts and tablet weavers, there are . nally

more bands to weave and to use than the Kaupang and Vangsnes

band from Norway, the Mammen and Køstrup bands from Denmark

and the Birka bands from Sweden. No Viking Age . nds

can indicate such a wide variety of patterns and techniques from

one and the same tomb as from the Oseberg ship burial 834AD.

In this book: three bands are suitable for beginners in tablet

weaving, three for competent and three for advanced.

The Oseberg tablet woven fragments are remnants and traces of

a local weave tradition carrying aspects from a culture as intangible

content. It is possible to sense and interpret what was once

the choice of materials, methods and motifs. At the same time,

it is not possible today with complete certainty to interpret what

the weavers perceived in their own contexts, and what they may

in various ways have made sense of in their aesthetic expressions.

«What I love about her book are the pictures and how she describes

the way to the patterns. The way she documents and argues sounds

logical. In the book there are direct comparisons of the historical

textiles with her interpretations, so you can see it for yourself. It is

fascinating to see how she goes from the images of the findings and

develops the pattern, and she has amazing results».

Silvia Aisling Ungerechts, www.aisling.biz

  • ISBN: 9788230021033
  • Utgivelsesår: 2021
  • Språk: English, Multiple languages, Bokmål
  • Format: Innbundet
  • Emne(r): Sosial- og kulturhistorie, Spinning og veving
  • Aldersgruppe: Voksen
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