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Your ultimate late-night TV talk show live from the afterlife

One of Napoleon Bonaparte's greatest enemies returns from the dead after two centuries seeking justice for one of history's forgotten crimes. In this historically correct mystery/fantasy/biography we ponder a fateful decision in world history.

Two dozen souls from the 19th Century -- all real people -- are summoned from their Afterlife perches to attend a gathering far away but the ensuing journeys leave them clueless as to where they are. The purpose of their travels - the Bernadotte event -- puzzles them because of Bernadotte's historical obscurity. Who or what brings them here -- and why?

Presented as a TV talk show, the souls explore the life and times of one Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, an accomplished soldier, some-time republican and long-time rival of Bonaparte. A friend of Beethoven and de Stael and model for Dumas' d'Artagnan, he also managed to be elected crown prince and later serve as king of Sweden and Norway for a quarter century. As King Karl Johan he ruled Norway during the first 30 years of its constitution, then the most liberal in Europe (coinciding with the early years of Scandinavian emigration to America).

Why Bernadotte? Here's someone honored with statues in his capital cities of Stockholm and Oslo. Today Oslo visitors see him riding his horse near the Royal Palace somewhere between main street -- Karl Johans Gate -- and Inkognito Gate - that's right, Incognito Street! Yet he's an enigmatic phantom largely unknown to his subjects' descendants. History buffs might take some time to discover him.

Besides Bernadotte you'll meet Queen Désirée, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, Tsar Alexander I, Sacajawea, Abraham Lincoln and others. Participants touch on themes of self-government and tyranny while reflecting upon Napoleonic Europe and Jefferson's America. The show features music, literature, humor and engaging conversation through the night.

  • ISBN: 9788299975001
  • Utgivelsesår: 2014
  • Språk: English
  • Format: Heftet
  • Emne(r): Historiske romaner
  • Aldersgruppe: Voksen
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